• The Road to Hell
  • 1000 Years
  • Today, Perhaps?
  • Excuses
  • Silently He Comes
  • Angel Voices

Can you hear the sound of footsteps
as they pass along the street,
Whether slow and steady pacing
or fast pattering of feet?
The sound of all those footsteps
is a noise I know so well,
But the road on which they’re treading
is the road that leads to hell.

Can you hear the noise of people
as they walk along the road,
As they go about their business
as they carry each their load?
And so many of them unaware
of that which I could tell
That the road on which they’re treading
is the road that leads to hell.

Can you hear the different voices
as they go along their way
Hear the merry sound of laughter
or the children as they play?
But the sorrow that awaits them
is beyond my power to tell
For the road on which they’re treading
is the road that leads to hell.

Can you bear to keep on list’ning
as they move along the path
Ever onward to the fearsomeness
of God’s eternal wrath?
And if we do not warn them
then who else will them tell
Of the dreadful consequences
of the road that leads to hell?

Can't you see, there's none to stop them
none who from their course can turn
But the Saviour whom they laugh at
and whose gracious Words they spurn
‘Tis the Saviour who has loved them
and Who died so they can tell
Of the sacrifice He made to save them
from the road that leads to hell.

A Thousand Years

A thousand years of history,
Of monarchs - kings and queens,
Of wonderful discoveries
By scientific means.
So many things have happened,
So much has taken place:
From voyages around the world
To journeys into space.

A thousand years. A thousand years -
How long they seem to last,
But in Thy sight, O LORD, they are
As Yesterday, when passed.

Man boasts of his advancements,
Of all he has attained,
Of all the great achievements
His intellect has framed,
But yet forgets his Maker -
The One who made him Man,
The One who holds his very breath
In His Almighty hand.

A thousand years. A thousand years,
And Man is like the grass.
But Thou, O LORD, dost stay the same
Through all the years that pass.

A thousand years may seem an age
To us poor mortal men,
Whose days are thus restricted
To threescore years and ten.
But Thou, LORD, art immortal -
Eternal are Thy ways -
Six thousand years of history
Are but to Thee six days.

A thousand years. A thousand years
Display man's frailty.
But what are they to Thee, who
Dwelleth in eternity?

"Two thousand years," the scoffers say,
"Your Lord will never come!
What then becomes of all your hopes
That heaven is your home?"
Two thousand years are as two days
To Thee, O LORD above,
And still to men Thy grace extends
In mercy and in love.

A thousand years. Two thousand years.
No matter what men say,
Faith whispers to me through it all
"He'll come for me some day."

Today, perhaps?

Today, perhaps, the skies will rend and we shall hear the shout
The Trump of God, th’ archangel’s voice –
That sound to make our hearts rejoice
To call us on our heavenward way
Perhaps Today.

Today perhaps will be the day when we shall reunite
With loved ones who have gone ahead,
Their bodies raised up from the dead
To share with us eternal day –
Perhaps today?

Today, perhaps, our bodies will be freed from sin at last
When that which grieves and causes pain
Will never raise its head again.
With longing may our spirits say
“Perhaps today”.

Today perhaps He’ll catch us up to meet Him in the air
And to His Father’s house He’ll bring
Us, and we then shall sing
That new and everlasting lay.
Perhaps today?

Today perhaps we’ll see His face – the Saviour we adore,
Gaze on His piercèd hands and feet,
Blest mem’ry of that wondrous feat
When Jesus bore our sins away.
Perhaps today?

Today perhaps our time on earth will finally reach its end:
No time for service left undone
Or battles to be fought and won,
No more to wake and watch and pray.
Perhaps today?

Today perhaps we’ll stand before the Lord upon the throne.
Will we with shame avoid His gaze,
Or bow with wonder and amaze
As we “well done” shall hear Him say?
Perhaps today?

Today perhaps our Lord will come, the waiting will be o’er.
No more of earth’s perpetual night
But endless day in realms of light.
Well may we then with rapture say
“Perhaps today”!

What is it He wants from me?

What is it that He wants from me? Do I know?
And if I do am I prepared to give it?
Yet how can I withhold even the least
From Him? How can I keep back anything
From Him, Who gave up
Everything for me?

And yet I do. So often with the feeblest of excuses.

“I have no time!” And yet I find the time
For many things that take instead priority,
And leave behind nothing of worth or value.
These, these I do, affording “no time”
For Him who left eternity behind,
Stepped into time, His eye upon a single
Hour in which upon Him fell eternal
Judgement due to me.

“I am too tired!” And yet for other things,
I seem to find the energy, and more. For things
That do not matter, mere illusive shades that
Come and go and leave nothing. “Too tired”
For Him who found no rest down here. Tireless
In doing His Father’s will. Ceaselessly
Moving to the place where He would gain
Perfect rest for me.

How feeble my excuses! How lame the words
That mask the underlying coldness of my heart.
“I am not willing!” I never would express it
Thus, yet underneath I know it to be so. Oh shame!
Oh thankless ingratitude! “Not willing”
For Him Who set aside His own will, prayed
“Not my will but Thine be done”? Despite the cost
To Him of such obedience. He
Gave Himself for me.

Words written by: Simon Sherwin
Music: Beauty & the Beast
Played by: calikokat103

Silently He comes in humility
From the utmost height dwelling in the light
Of eternity.
Word becoming flesh: all part of the plan
To redeem the lost at tremendous cost.
Christ the Son of Man.

Who can understand? Who could take it in?
Who can comprehend God His Son would send
To rescue us from sin?

So the gift is given, gift of wondrous grace.
No room on this earth for His humble birth
But the outside place.
To His own He came as the Living Word
Yet in shame and loss they nailed Him to a cross
Jesus Christ the Lord.

Yet to all who will call upon His name
Who receive His Word, take Him as their Lord
And who bear His shame,
They will know the joy His salvation brings
Know their sins forgiven and a home in heaven
Christ the King of Kings.

Who can comprehend God His Son would send
To rescue us from sin?

Who can comprehend God His Son would send
To rescue us from sin?